Our vision


To ensure that human emotion lies at the heart of all important business decisions.

Meet our highly experienced global team.

Grant Dewar

Head of Verbate, UK and Australia

Kyle Skeates

Commercial Director

Linda Watt

Qualitative Researcher and Project Lead

Matt Barnett

Head of Product

Oli Bridge

Head of Marketing

Simon Hartcher

Head of Technology

We are entrepreneurial in spirit

Verbate was established by two friends in 2014 when online and video methodology was still fairly new.  They had the novel idea to create a platform to capture video insight via participants’ smartphones. From small seeds mighty oaks grow, and 7 years later Verbate has transformed into a buzzing video insight agency, supporting some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies.

Honesty first

Being genuine and acting with integrity are principles guiding our actions.  And bringing consumers to life in their own space, on their own terms – that’s as honest as we can make research.

We have a ‘CAN DO’ attitude and are always up for a challenge

We want to always provide the best service we can and so will always try to be as creative as possible in getting you the answer when you need it.  We don’t easily give up! We are optimistic, purposeful, decisive and persistent!

It’s not just about the work

Although still a small agency, Verbate believes in giving back each month in the form of monthly financial support to nominated organisations as well as allowing the team to do volunteering in work time.