Self-curated video

Verbate’s methodology is very respondent and client user-friendly.

Four easy steps to authentic insights:


Specifically recruited respondents are invited to participate in the survey via a survey link, email or sms invitations


They download the Verbate free app and immediately access the survey instructions and questions


They self-record the answer to each question in turn on their smartphone in their own time (showing behaviour and context)


Each answer is uploaded in video format to our Verbate platform which you can access immediately

You can choose your preferred output.
Any combination of:

Online focus groups

Edited showreel

  • Pertinent highlights of consumer videos put into one impactful reel
  • Perfect for bringing quantitative presentations or pitches to life
  • Subtitles and translation available

Report and presentation analysis

  • Summary reports
  • PowerPoint document and/or verbal delivery
  • Online or in-person debriefs

Access to the Verbate platform

  • Client can access videos in real-time and transcripts as they upload
  • Videos can be downloaded for internal use
  • Consumer details masked for confidentiality and GDPR