Why video research?

Authentic, honest and impactful

Video research has power to inspire action more than just the written word or data points

Here are just a few reasons why video research is more compelling;

  • In line with the ‘Insta Generation’, increasingly, businesses are learning more from video insight than from written words and data
  • Video is extremely powerful at driving home consumer insights – it humanises feedback
  • Capture ‘aha’ moments ‘live’ to inspire change and action
  • Seeing and hearing the consumer first-hand creates empathy which is hard to ignore
  • Video is powerful at storytelling – end users remember stories better than data

Video research is honest and authentic, giving you deep, reliable insight

  • Consumers filming themselves with no observer or interviewer interference makes for pure, uninfluenced reactions
  • Live ‘in the moment’ footage conveys behaviour, emotions and attitudes beyond words alone
  • Real-time consumer usage can be captured in the real-life context, meaning no reliance on memory recall or claimed retrospective behaviour
  • Easy respondent compliance as easier and more fun to do vs traditional research – use of smartphones are part of life!