In-home or real-life context product usage testing



  • An ad hoc qualitative study in which relevant consumers film themselves using your product in their real-life settings and report back on how they find all aspects of the usage experience
  • Understanding consumer reaction to brand usage in the way it is usually experienced, i.e. real-life moments rather than relying on claimed retrospective behaviour or memory recall


  • Very useful tool for optimising a product before launch or soon after launch before retailer reviews
  • No third party moderator interference or respondent group peer pressure to influence answers, giving you authentic, honest views on all aspects of the brand usage experience

Deliverables (Typically)

Any combination of:

      • Full presentation
        • Full qualitative analysis on observations, behaviours and insights
        • PowerPoint debrief and/or verbal delivery with clear recommendations
      • Full human transcriptions and mp4 videos
        • Transcription for each video
        • Subtitled videos also available
      • Edited showreel
        • Professional editing, logo/text insertion/s, soundtracks and subtitles
        • Pertinent highlights (chosen by you or us) of consumer videos put into one impactful reel

Time (Typically)

You can see consumer videos for some projects as soon as 2½ weeks and have the full report and/or edited showreel within 3½ to 4 weeks

  • Set up – 2 to 3 days
  • Recruiting – 5 to 10 days (can vary by country/type of consumer)
  • Consumer videos – 1 week
  • Analysis and debrief preparation – 5 to 6 days (can vary by amount of footage/sample size)
  • Showreel preparation – 2 to 3 days (can vary for foreign languages)

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