Pre-tasking and post-tasking for groups



    • Tasking group participants either before or after a focus group to gain pure, uninfluenced, real-life, real-context insights to supplement group information or to shorten group times (as nowadays, respondents can’t easily commit to a 2 hour slot)


    • Before a group, participants can be asked to film a video diary of their usage of the category under focus – useful to inform the competitor/category context when a new product or concept idea is being exposed in a group
    • After a group, participants can be asked to try the new product (discussed during the group) in their real-life context to assess how it fits into their lives – great for optimising a new product
Online focus groups

Deliverables (Typically)

For each time cycle chosen:

  • Full human transcriptions and mp4 videos
    • Transcription for each video
    • Subtitled videos also available
  • Access to the Verbate platform
    • Client has access to the videos and transcripts as they upload
    • Videos can be downloaded for internal use

Time (Typically)

You can see consumer videos for some projects as soon as 2½ weeks

  • Set up – 2 to 3 days
  • Recruiting – 5 to 10 days (can vary by country/type of consumer)
  • Consumer videos – 1 week

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