Video diaries/User experience journeys



    • Consumers film themselves using the product in different contexts or occasions across a relevant period of time
    • Understanding natural consumer behaviour in real-life and real-time rather than relying on claimed retrospective behaviour or memory recall


    • Finding out exactly how and where your product is used from start to finish and how this differs in varying contexts
    • A great way to uncover pain and pleasure points, which helps identify optimisation pointers as well as key benefit hooks to promote in communications to attract other new users

Deliverables (Typically)

Any combination of:

    • Full presentation
      • Full qualitative analysis on observations, behaviours and insights
      • PowerPoint debrief and/or verbal delivery with clear recommendations
    • Full human transcriptions and mp4 videos
      • Transcription for each video
      • Subtitled videos also available
    • Edited showreel
      • Professional editing, logo/text insertion/s, soundtracks and subtitles
      • Pertinent highlights (chosen by you or us) of consumer videos put into one impactful reel
    • Access to the Verbate platform
      • Client has access to the videos and transcripts as they upload
      • Videos can be downloaded for internal use
      • Consumer details of course masked for confidentiality
      • No analysis or presentation document included

Time (Typically)

You can see consumer videos for some projects as soon as 2½ weeks and have the full report and/or edited showreel within 3½ to 4 weeks

  • Set up – 2 to 3 days
  • Recruiting – 5 to 10 days (can vary by country/type of consumer)
  • Consumer videos – 1 week
  • Analysis and debrief preparation – 5 to 6 days (can vary by amount of footage/sample size)
  • Showreel preparation – 2 to 3 days (can vary for foreign languages)

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